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Alarming information, Jill. Crown Roll Leaf is the only winner here. The CIC coupon cops realize their silver hologram has been copied by counterfeiters, so they make…… wait for it……. So wait, let me see if I got this straight — the suppliers who are enabling the easy creation of counterfeits are trying to silence the industry advocate who called out the problem!?

I am appalled! Bud Miller is completely incompetent and should resign his post immediately.

This is a complete and total embarrassment to the industry! Go after the criminals for a change and thank people like Jill for calling attention to this enormous problem!!!

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This is almost comical. Will the CIC try to stop them from talking about it too? People need to see this for what it is. The CIC is circling its wagons because they have an enormous problem on their hands and more counterfeits on genuine paper Nestle are coming in. I believe they were hoping to keep this quiet until your article came out.

LaShonda, there is -nowhere- to legitimately purchase these kinds of coupons. If they are being sold online, anywhere, the odds are extremely high that they are counterfeit. You are putting yourself at risk if you use them, because ignorance of the law is not a legal excuse.


Brands simply do NOT give thousands of free-product coupons to random people to sell online. They are used in a variety of targeted marketing campaigns, but they are never sold. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Want to live well on less? Read full bio. The paper manufacturer maintains that it fully vetted a colleague of mine before selling hologram paper to her.

Thank you Jill. These sort of industry insider articles are what I enjoy most about your site.

You Won’t Believe How The Coupon Counterfeiters Are Fooling Us Now!

I would strongly encourage you share whatever you find out with your Facebook group. Let me see if I got this right.

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Why I am I not surprised that the messenger was shot here? CIC is a not-for-profit organization that does not receive any revenue from the program. Miller said CIC encourages and supports federal, state, and local law enforcement efforts to identify, investigate, and prosecute coupon misredemption.

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Since its inception in , CIC has:. Identified thousands of individuals and entities misusing coupons. Addressed new and emerging coupon challenges prior to becoming endemic. Recovered and returned millions of dollars to victims.

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Supported the prosecution of every significant coupon fraud case since — and never lost a case. CIC provides education and current information to consumers, best practices to retailers, advocacy for manufacturer members, and resources and support to law enforcement. CIC leads efforts to reform and improve security practices, enhance transparency, and open communications among all industry participants.